walking with stroller
walking with stroller

Every year, all the lovers of humanity, justice, and manliness, in honor of  Hussein who ignored his life and all his dependencies and belongings for the sake of standing against oppression and injustice and reviving high human values, attend this gathering which is one of the greatest gatherings in human history, and exhibit the unique scenes of kindness and goodwill to preserve humanity and its high values.Hossein walking Day is a popular and pure movement in which you will witness the greatest scenes of sacrifice and the world biggest serving tables which cannot be found in any other place in the world.

You will witness the generosity of the people who, while being needy, provide the pilgrims with unbelievable services and catering from the bottom of their hearts, and compete in serving the pilgrims without any consideration of their nation, race, religion, language, colour, and tribe.

We are willing to share this experience and invite you to attend the gathering of the lovers of humanity, kindness, and goodwill and closely witness the greatest human gathering, the prettiest exhibition of sacrifice and kindness, the most significant charity and serving table in the world, and competition for catering and serving the others.

Undoubtedly, you will also experience a much different feeling as we already did. Every year, Arbaeen Walk is held in Iraq using several paths toward Karbala where Hussein’s shrine is located.