Our Story

Arba’een walking festival is held with a vibrant crowd every year. In this year Arbaeen Festival is held in October. The event is held without the support of governments and only with the public’s help. Everyone helps to make this festival possible. Participating in this festival is free and the festival provides accommodations and foods at people’s voluntary donations. We took part in this walking festival and we would like to share our experiences with you.

We will start our journey to Karbala on October 12 from Baghdad International Airport to participate in Arba’een walking ceremony. If you like to join us, please complete the registration form

Our journey in Arba’een walking festival starts from Baghdad International airpaort and usually takes three days. All accommodation is free of charge. With special arrangements made by people voluntarily, the route is perfectly even and suitable for all people, especially the disabled ones.

In the middle of the way, people are voluntarily welcoming you at the stations what is called Mukeb.


All the foods are prepared and distributed voluntary. Most of the foods are Arabic but there you can find Italian, Iranian, Turkish, Indian food and food from other nations as well. Also herbal foods are widely distributed. Eating free food gives high enjoy.

Foods to be Delivered on Arbaeen

All the drinks are free, voluntary and local including cool water, Iraqi tea, Iranian tea, herbal tea and the most delicious one is Arabic hot coffee.


Destination of all walkers is Hussain’s Tomb in Karbala. The tomb was made in 982 for the first time but it has been developed several times so far. The beauties of Eastern – Islamic art amaze everyone in this building.